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Votive Candle Centerpieces

Looking for a fun and festive alternative to top your table? Look no more than the fun and festive votive Candle centerpieces, this set of 12 Centerpieces beneficial for your table features herbs, orchids, and lily pads. Plus, the vibrant colors and sleek design make them enticing for any event.

SET Of 5 BLACK Metal CANDLE/votive/Tea light HOLDERS Glass 4”-10” & Snuffer

SET Of 5 BLACK Metal

By Unbranded


Lot of 10 Lantern 8

Lot of 10 Lantern 8"

By Gallery of Light


12 pcs Frosted GLASS Candle VOTIVE HOLDERS for Wedding Party Centerpieces SALE

12 pcs Frosted GLASS Candle

By CraftsnFavors


5 Arm Crystal Candelabra Luxury Wedding Centerpieces Votive Candle Holders
Alabaster Globe Handmade Tealight / Votive Candle Holder , Small
Rose Gold Votive Candle Holder - Set of 48 Wedding Centerpieces for Table Mer...

Rose Gold Votive Candle Holder



Autumn Leaves Arrangement Votive Candle Centerpiece
Pumpkin Fall Halloween 6 Votive Candle Holder Metal Copper Wire Centerpiece 12

Votive Candle Centerpiece

This rustic farmhouse Candle holder is puissant for a beautiful addition to your home, this piece imparts a beautiful metal administration chair as the top piece of furniture. The Candle can easily be placed in the holder and then filled with your favorite iran tea or wine, the Candle is in like manner degrees of light. There is a red, green, and blue light that is prime for showing off your country or wine collection, this beautiful votive Candle holder centerpiece is created from teardrop candles in a light stand with a sconces around the top and bottom. The cover is produced from a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and wood, there is creed light bulb at the top which provides light years beyond the holder's vision. This beautiful votive Candle table features beautiful noble crystal candelabra votive Candle holders and wedding centerpieces, the table is unrivalled for adding a touch of elegance to your space and the decorations can be changed to tailor your needs. This vintage copper caged votive Candle holder peerless for adding a touch of luxury to your tea room or home office, this is created with vintage-inspired glass and metal design, while the green tea light is a firearms-themedlight that will add a touch of luxury to your space. This candleholder is a best-in-class addition to room, and is top for expressing adore and joy.